TEAMWORK! (Special Super Bowl Edition)

So here we are. Just hours away from the big game, or the halftime show, or the commercials. Whatever you watch the Super bowl for. Tonight is the night! So I figured I would talk about something in this blog that isn’t talked about very much but is SO IMPORTANT in the wedding industry. 

TEAMWORK! We all know the importance of it in sports. Love them or hate them, why have the Patriots dominated the NFL over the last decade? They know how to work as a team. That’s what makes them successful. That’s what makes them WIN!

The same is true in the wedding industry. As vendors, all of us have our own jobs to do. However, just like a football team, the quarterback knows that he can’t just do his job and be successful. He has to work with the other players in the game. Regardless of his talent, he KNOWS that he must work with the offensive line, running backs, wide receivers and coaches to make everything work. 

Let’s move this in to a wedding scenario. I’m a DJ…… Can I make the night a success for the bride and groom all by myself? The answer, of course is NO!

On the contrary, if I think that all I need to worry about is the “entertainment” portion of the evening, (music, lights, emceeing, etc.) I am going to end up causing more stress for everyone involved if I don’t know how to work as a team. 

What does that mean? It means that as a DJ, I don’t jump into an event without confirming that the other vendors are ready. 

Bridal party intros: Are the photographers & videographers ready?

Welcome & Blessing: Is catering ready? 

Speeches: Is the champagne poured? 

Bar: Do they have a “last call” and do you need to make it?

Video: Do they need a clean line out from your board?  

If I am not communicating with ALL vendors involved, there is a greater chance of something going wrong and the bride & groom being disappointed by a missed or delayed moment. I hear all too often a photographer complaining about a DJ, a DJ complaining about a photographer or videographer, a caterer complaining about all of the above. Why?

Because they don’t know how to play nice with each other. 

 Vendors, while it’s true that we are all hired for our individual skills and talents, we also need to work as a TEAM! When we do that, everything will run smoothly, everyone gets along well and the bride and groom are ecstatic! That is what we are all working for! 

To all the brides & grooms planning their wedding. Ask your vendors who they recommend. They will always be honest with you and recommend fellow vendors that they work well with. That will help every aspect of you your wedding day run smoothly.