What NOT to ask your DJ (Part 3)

Can I get a discount if …?

Most couples starting out planning a wedding have a budget and try their best to stick to it. One way to do that is to ask for discounts. We have always been told that it doesn’t hurt to ask. While that’s true, you always have to be prepared for a “no.” Now, there are some circumstances where a discount may be granted and I will touch on those later. For now I want to focus on some of the most common reasons couples ask for a discount.

What if I only need a DJ for 4 hours instead of 5, 6 or 7 hours? 

I understand this question, however, when you book your DJ, he or she is blocking out the entire day for you and taking themselves off the books for your date. When you hire a DJ you are getting a professional DJ/Emcee for your event! Even if it is just a 4 hour event, your DJ is still committing their entire day to you. Keep in mind, regardless of how long your DJ is contracted for, they will often need to be there at least two hours prior to the start time and then they are often the last ones to leave at the end of the night.

Ceremony and cocktail hour is in the same location but we don’t need a DJ for those events. Is the rate less?

Another understandable question. However, when ceremony and cocktail hour are in the same location as the reception, your DJ will still need to be there set up and ready to go prior to ceremony to avoid loading in and sound checking while guests are trying to enjoy cocktail hour or dinner. 

What if we don’t want any special lighting or formal events like the garter and bouquet toss? 

You may be seeing a common thread in these answers. The main one is that your DJ is already there and has taken themselves off the calendar for your entire day. You are paying for a DJ, Emcee and event Host to provide an unforgettable experience! In most cases you are not (or at least should not be) paying for add-ons like a wireless mic, dance floor lights, announcements, etc. 

When a discount may be given…….

Military discount:

Many DJs will offer a discount if the bride or groom is active military or a veteran. Your service is something that most of us are very grateful for and giving you a discount is a small way to say THANK YOU!

Off-peak date:

Some DJ’s may offer you a discount if your wedding is on an off-peak date. An example would be if your wedding is on a Friday or Sunday in January, your DJ may give you a better rate than if your wedding is on a Saturday in June.

OK, so this officially wraps up the “what not to ask your DJ” series. I hope it was educational and informative. I will be doing a new blog post every Sunday with some new topics. Sometime it will be geared towards brides, while other times it will be geared towards DJs and vendors in the wedding industry. If you like what you’ve read, please share this blog! Thank you!