What NOT To Ask Your DJ (Part 2)

If you visited the blog last week you saw the first in a series of What NOT To Ask Your DJ. Definitely a strange topic but one that I feel is important. There are many things that you need to know when hiring a wedding DJ but some things don’t need to be asked. I am going over those things and why NOT to ask them.

Can we come see you in action? (a two-part question)

Part One:

Here’s the thing: I understand that you are paying a lot of money for your DJ and want to see him in action and that you want to hopefully use this experience to make sure you like his style. I get that. However, essentially what you are asking to do is crash a wedding. The dictionary describes wedding crashing as, “The act of attending a wedding celebration without an invitation.”

As a DJ, I do not have the right to permit anyone to come to a wedding that was not invited by the Bride & Groom.

Part Two:

What about a non-wedding event?

That’s a completely different story. However, it still will not get you the result you are looking for. I have done many non-wedding events. Charity fundraisers, 5K entertainment, fair & festival entertainment, etc. Although are welcome to come to any of these events to see me in action, here’s what you will see:  I will most likely be in shorts, there will be no dance floor lighting or uplighting around the room, if it’s outdoors the sound won’t be anything like what it will be at your wedding venue, and most likely I will be playing a lot of music that you will not hear at your wedding.  

The bottom line is that coming to see your DJ at a non-wedding event will NOT give you any glimpse into what your wedding could be like.

The Solution:

Look up reviews for your DJ! I’m not talking about reviews on the DJ’s website. Those are going to be cherry-picked to make them look good, (I know because I do it too.) Make sure you go to reputable sites such as, The Knot, WeddingWire, Yelp and even the DJ’s social media pages. There are reviews to be found everywhere!

Also, if you already have other vendors that you trust, (photographers, florists, caterer, etc.): Ask them! Believe me when I tell you that they will be honest with you about their opinion of a DJ. After all, they work with us every weekend. They want to make sure you have the best experience all around. We all do!   

So that brings What NOT to Ask Your DJ (Part 2) to a close. More to come next week.