Requests and "DO NOT PLAY" lists

One question that couples usually ask me is regarding taking requests from
their guest as well as a “do not play" list. One thing that absolutely floors me
is when I hear couples tell me stories of weddings that they have been a
part of where the DJ played songs that were specifically on the “do not play”
list. When asked why he did that, his answer was, “Well, somebody
requested it.”

IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!! When you are hired to do a job, you do
that job the way your employer expects you to do it. Our couples that hire
us are essentially our employers. Why would you risk potentially ruining the
bride’s big day over a song that she HATES because some drunk guest
requested it. If the bride does not want it, it should never under any
circumstances be played.

Side note:  Most of the time you will have no idea why a bride may put
specific songs on that do not play list. There may be very deep, personal
reasons that you don’t know the details of. It’s not worth the risk.

On the topic of requests, most of the time the couple is totally fine with me
taking requests as long as I use my good judgement and not play a request
that will kill the dance floor. I have heard DJs say that the hate having to
deal with guests coming up to them during the reception and “bugging”
them with requests. Providing a fun, memorable party for all guests is what
we are hired to do. If you are worried about someone requesting a song that
will be a dance floor killer, that’s where you need to use your best
judgement with what requests you choose to play.

Let’s be honest, most of the time a song that is requested is already in your
playlist. If you make the guests feel special, they may not remember your
name specifically but they will remember the night and the party that you

The bottom line in this shorter blog this week is that we are to first and
foremost, ALWAYS put the bride and her needs before anything else.
Second, we are here to provide the entertainment for hundreds of people.
We should be willing to do whatever it takes to give them an unforgettable