Wedding Vendors and Social Media

We all have social media accounts. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Myspace……. Well, maybe not). Many of us have a personal and a business account. For the most part, we all keep our business accounts for just that, BUSINESS! As a DJ, I will post reviews from brides, pics from a packed dance floor, maybe a Facebook or Instagram live video from the venue that I am working at that night. That’s how it should be. Then we have our personal pages where we can post whatever we want right? Here’s the problem, many of our couples connect with us on FB and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. They want to see us in our REAL day to day lives and not just when we put our best foot forward on our business pages. I personally love connecting with my couples in every way that I can.

 Here’s where the problem comes in. As business owners, we have a much greater responsibility with our personal pages. It just goes with the territory.

Regardless of where you stand on politics, race, guns, religion, sexual preference, Coke vs Pepsi, Reg. Oreos vs Golden Oreos, Bud Light vs Guinness (the correct answer is Guinness by the way), you need to be careful with what you post. You may hate guns, but your potential bride and groom are members of the NRA. You may be a right wing conservative, but your couple might be as far left as can be. My point is that when it comes to issues that people have STRONG opinions on, you need to be careful with posting your strong opinions.

 While you have a right to post whatever you want, you, as a business owner, need to be careful with posting things that can possibly make a client feel differently about you. We all love to be keyboard warriors from time to time and voice our opinion, but when we risk damaging our reputation and relationship with clients and even other vendors, maybe we just need to take a deep breath and share the latest cat meme instead. (or dog meme because I hate cats!)