What NOT To Ask Your DJ

This is a quick rundown of some questions NOT to ask your DJ……. Wait, WHAT? That’s right, NOT to ask……. There are many sites that tell you what questions you need to ask your DJ, however many of these sites are just looking for content filler and not giving the bride what she really needs.

In my years in the industry, I have learned (from Brides and Grooms) exactly what it is that they want to know and what things they really don’t care about.

Over the next several weeks, I will be going through one at a time, a few of the questions that in most cases are just not necessary to ask your potential DJ.

“What kind of equipment do you use?”

First of all (and with no disrespect meant), brides, do you REALLY care if your DJ uses JBL Eons, QSC K10’s, EV Evolve 50, LD Systems Maui 28’s or the RFC Evox 8? (confused yet?) The answer that I have heard over and over again from brides is……. wait for it….. NO! Now, let me clarify. Provided you have hired a DJ who is established and reputable in the industry, (ie. they are full time, have been in the business for a while, they aren’t dirt cheap) the question of “what kind of equipment” does not need to come in to play.

 HOWEVER, if your DJ is 19 years old, starting college, working a full time job and doing this “DJ thing” on the side, you may want to at least check out his website to see some pics of his set up. While you can’t tell quality by a picture, you can tell professionalism. Is the set up neat and clean or are there wires and chords everywhere?

Like I said, most professionals take what they do very seriously and that starts with a solid base and quality equipment.

 When you go to the doctor you don’t ask what brand his EKG or his X-ray machine is. Why? Mainly because you really don’t care about those details and probably wouldn’t understand anyway. You trust that he is a professional and will do his job to the best of his ability for YOU.

So there you go. There are many great questions to ask a potential DJ. Unfortunately, there are many unnecessary questions as well. Hopefully this helps you weed some of those out. More to come next week!